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Welcome to Off the Wall!

I’m David R. Mellor, Senior Director of Grounds Boston Red Sox, author, PTSD survivor, proud husband and dad, and motivational speaker. I love baseball, science and being outside; for over 30 years

I've combined these loves for a career as a Major League groundskeeper. I oversee everything that involves Fenway Park’s playing field and work in the shadow of its iconic left field wall, the Green Monster. I named this blog “Off the Wall” because

  • It matters how you play the game in both baseball and life

  • The microclimate caused by the 37'2" (11.33 meter) foot high, dark green wall effects the agricultural practices we use in left field

  • Some of my story is a bit unbelievable.

In this blog I plan to include

  • Insight to caring for sports turf and home lawns

  • Stories of my life on and off the field

  • Beanballs- in my case it wasn't baseballs that came hurling at me, it was cars. Yes, the plural is not a typo.

  • One base at a time- an old baseball saying that has helped me overcome adversity and get to where I am today

  • My thoughts and inspiration on dealing with adversity

  • To anyone dealing with PTSD:

  • You are not alone.

  • Help is available.

  • Treatment works

  • It does get better.

Thank you and let's go!

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